The ocean of art is so vast that anyone, whether artist or not, may have definitions for that. Since every work of art depends on the lived experience of its creator, we can conclude that art has always been a part of our lives, whether we want it to be or not. In all the years I have lived with art, human qualities have been essential. Most of the time, I explored the psychoanalysis properties, human introversion, and sometimes ambiguity and suspension in the audience. 

The artist exemplifies the event, nurtures it with his very tender emotions and heartfelt feelings, and creates a story that we read when we understand the perception and experience of a new life and enjoy the acquaintance with a unique personality. We enjoy it and don't remember that we had such a small deal with that person. 

My narrative is the story of those who try to escape isolation and continuity through more touch communication. 
These images provide an overview of my life and that of my fellowmen, with the contradictions and combinations of emotions in today's biological process inspired by the unconsciousness that evolved over the years through geography and the collapse of the modern age.