American Beauty

My paintings in recent years all have been linked to a source in my subconscious. I started this new series in the US, where I faced the hidden layers of my culture and personality. Each new collection complements my previous collections, which function as an anthropological study of my living environment. The human being is a part and element of nature, an active component that has benefited from the framework of nature for its survival. In the meantime, humans have written laws restricting them due to their partial role in survival and quality of life. These limitations mean that humans will continually experience a sense of bondage and determinism. These dichotomies continue to put us at risk of personality trauma and disintegration– a form of resentment that generates negative emotions that lead us to the point of crisis. Humans are chaotic. Under the shadow of these laws, we begin to feel the damage done to our personalities. The story of my people is the story of those who try to escape isolation through touch communication.​​​​​​​