Isolated life

A key solution to preserve social life is communication with others. This path of communications may have some threatening elements. Staying in this chronic isolation does not change this situation, so the isolated person under threat is exposed to fear. The fear reaches its maximum when making actual contact with other humans. The human psyche is developed in a social environment with civilizations changing into darkness. Humans are constantly witnessing some things that make them distraught in society. One dimension of the unconscious emotion that humans do not recognize is the social unconsciousness inherited from past generations. This dimension is configured from evolutionary experiences forming the essence of human characters. A person may engulf his solitude with those who have not been in contact with him. The story of my people is the story of those who try to escape isolation through touch communication. Although their appearance is exaggerated, they try to communicate in their way.
Most of the works in the series had been individually exhibited mentally, with 22 pieces in 2018 at the Soyut Gallery Ankara (Turkey). I am happy to say that had critically influenced audiences.