Open Space ​​​​​​​

They are imprisoned for millions of unknown years with infused thoughts condemned to subsist and live in fears and dangers resulting from accepting this life. Do you feel their pains? Do you hear their groans? Or! Can they only feel and listen to their doubts and concerns?
We desire to dominate them. Their being is only a way to refine our thoughts. Can you see the fire inside them? We lead them to the darkness they come from? The sound inside them reviews the dark period of their lives. We can monitor their naked souls with the painful symphony of living in open spaces. Their lonely groans are their favorite musical notes. The shadows of their existence are disappearing amongst our nights. Under our commandments, they create new vacancies. Their restless spirit, with distressful traits, is at greater risk of decadence.
They fill the gap between the dark days. The shadows are closer this time. With a restless and rebellious spirit, they are still trying to create open spaces for us. In the unforgiving world, they persistently find a tiny sign of hope.
The roots of their hope are linked to the dormant humanist. Livings except their true subsistence are fragile and deadly for them.
The hope of being and survival were derived and sanctified from their fellowmen.
All of these images are a review of our lives.
They all have always been condemned by the people's anger who wanted them to live this way.
To give life and soul to these people again, we have to live.
The "open space" is a friendly but threatening process for us. 
Most of this collection had been exhibited individually, with 11 works in 2018 at the Tehran Seyhoun Art Gallery (Iran).