New Space​​​​​​​

The works presented in this collection entitled "New Space" is a collaborative project that has been held regularly by Soyut Gallery since 2011. Hundreds of works, 25 x 25 cm in size, bring together artists to achieve the desired level of artwork and to invite viewers to rethink the concepts of "size" and "value." We remember sectarian works of art in an environment where the value of a work of art increased in size. The work of the Mona Lisa, the world's most famous work of art, is only 53 × 73 cm in size. Arnolfini's wedding, recorded as the first oil painting, contains incredible details in 60 by 82 cm. Recall that Vermeer also became a giant with his small and large works and engraved his name on art history. We attempt to state that large dimensions may not always mean great art. As artists from all generations come together, the complex dynamics determine that the value of a work of art may come down in the commodification process. 

This collection of 11 works had been created subjectively and displayed as a group in 2018 at the Soyut Gallery Ankara (Turkey).